Smart TV Application Testing Services

Your reliable partner in smart tv application testing

Our unique testing zoo of over 190 devices

Having your applications or products tested by Sofia Digital opens doors to all TV markets. We help you ensure your product complies with all the necessary standards.

Our comprehensive receiver zoo, in-house testing tools and signal generators, as well as our over 15 years of experience in DVB and hybrid testing gives us a unique position to deliver perfect R&D and QA support for your DVB and TV products.

Our laboratory services also include writing of automated test cases and possibility of connecting directly to our test tv’s using remote connectivity. Our e-zoo is ready to serve you.

In Nordics And Internationally

In co-operation with Labatus, we offer the complete suite of Nordic certification services in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

As an HbbTV Registered Test Center, Sofia Digital offers HbbTV testing services to anyone who do not wish to do HbbTV receiver testing in-house. The service is targeted for manufacturers, operators or integrators, willing to enter the HbbTV market. 

WebOS, Tizen, AndroidTV, Vidaa, Saphi, HbbTV

Our over 190 devices are always available – not stored away to a storage room.
From 2014 to 2023, virtually all smart tv platforms are available on request.


In this white paper, Sofia Digital’s testing team explains why Smart TV and HbbTV platforms and apps need to be tested, which types of testing are most critical and what’s involved in the testing process.

Juho Mäyränpää

Sales director

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