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Stage24 is a digital platform by the Finnish National Opera and Ballet (FNOB). It offers live streams, recorded performances, trailers, articles and audio content related to the repertoire. Since launching in 2016, it has provided access to more than 70 live performances from the FNOB Main Stage.


The pandemic led to more people watching from home, which revealed problems with streaming performances from devices like laptops or mobile phones to TV screens. FNOB audience needed a more convenient way to watch these performances. The quality of the experience is especially important for those, who don’t have access to the Opera House in Helsinki.

Stage24 Smart TV app


We created the Stage24 Smart TV app to make watching performances on TV easier and better. This effort was a team project:

  • The Sivulliset collective worked on the UX/UI design from the start, based on the Finnish National Opera and Ballet’s (FNOB) initial ideas. Sofia Digital came in to refine the concept further.
  • Sofia Digital’s UX team helped Sivulliset and FNOB apply the best practices in big screen UX/UI design, making sure the app is user-friendly and works flawlessly in all the selected devices.
  • Sofia Digital’s development team chose the right methods and architecture for the app, including consulting best practices for the backend solutions, thanks to our long history with Smart TV development. This experience also made it easier for us to pass the app store’s QA processes quickly.
  • FNOB’s partner Server Side have implemented the Stage24 API and they modified it to suit better for Smart TV purposes.
  • The project ran smoothly thanks to agile working methods and quick communication between all involved. 


The Stage24 Smart TV app represents a significant advancement in making performing arts more accessible to a wider audience. This project underlines the Finnish National Opera and Ballet’s (FNOB) commitment to their audience, showcasing their dedication to enhancing viewer experience and accessibility. Sofia Digital looks forward to continuing to develop the application further with FNOB, enhancing its features and user experience.

Want to know more about Smart TV development?

Sofia Digital excels in Smart TV app development across all major platforms, including Tizen, webOS, VIDAA and Android TV. Our approach goes beyond coding; we act as a strategic business partner, offering flexible, customized business models to bring maximum value to our clients. 

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