Sofia Digital is the winner of CSI Awards 2020: Best network delivery technology

Sofia Digital with its DVB-I Reference Application is the winner in CSI Awards 2020 for the Best network delivery technology category. The category was one of the most popular categories in this year’s awards. The high quality participants included runner-ups such as Amazon AWS and Broadpeak who both got special mention as Highly Recommended solutions. The complete shortlist is available at CSI Magazine website. The win was announced on 18 September 2020 at a Virtual Awards Event at 4pm (BST).The open-source reference application was commissioned by the DVB Project as a means of accelerating deployment of the new DVB-I specification. The awards are organized by CSI Magazine, one of the industry’s leading trade publications focused on content delivery.


Nominated solution: DVB-I Reference Application

DVB-I is the first major specification to benefit from DVB’s new Verification and Validation activity that aims at accelerating the implementation of its technologies in the marketplace. Following the publication of an RFP, Sofia Digital was selected by the DVB Project to develop and validate a DVB-I reference application. Sofia Digital has submitted DVB-I reference application for CSI Awards. DVB-I Reference application is based on DVB-I Specification from November 2019 available as BlueBook A177. The selection of Sofia Digital to undertake the DVB-I development work was announced in January this year, with the first version of the app released in April. The reference implementation consists of a back end, allowing the generation and editing of DVB-I service lists, plus front-end clients available both as an HbbTV OpApp and a client for Android devices.


About DVB-I Specification

In November 2019, DVB published the first DVB-I specification, available as BlueBook A177. The specification defines DVB-I Service Lists, a means for internet-connected devices to find curated sets of linear television services that may be delivered through broadband or broadcast mechanisms. It also defines the methods to retrieve electronic programme data for those services, which can be integrated into a single coherent offering that is accessed through a consistent user interface.



Github repo:
HbbTV Frontend:
Android PWA installer:
Android Player:
Backend for Service list generation:
TS file download:


About Sofia Digital

Sofia Digital is an international high-tech company based in Finland, Tampere, having over 20 years of history delivering services for TV screens and interactive smart devices. The company specializes on media technologies, broadcasting and streaming services using TV standards and Internet technologies.

Sofia Digital’s typical projects consist of development and hosting of new TV and Video services, made available both in broadcast and broadband – and can support both hosted and on-premises service models. Since company was founded year 2000, various deployments and projects have been successfully delivered in Europe, Africa, North and South America, Middle East and South-East Asia where especially Asia and Europe are growing regions during the year 2020.

Sofia Backstage® Platform is software-based product family available for powering smart TV and linear TV services in TV-network operator’s head-end and online environments. Sofia Backstage® helps customers to manage and aggregate any electronic formats of Television and TV-programming metadata including support for the latest interactive TV standard called HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV).

Sofia Digital is working in co-operation with the TV and media industry, online technology companies and CE manufacturers. As an active member of the HbbTV Association Sofia Digital is able to provide the best possible level of interoperability for HbbTV and MPEG-DASH deployed in global TV markets.

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