Smart TV Application testing services

Unparalleled experience and unmatched TV Laboratory, with automated testing expertise and remote testing

Test and analyze your Smart TV applications on real hardware, aided by true experts

Our specialty is Smart TV and HbbTV application development and testing. Over the years we’ve delivered dozens of solutions to our customers, and helped bring the quality up. 

We’ve also built our own test laboratory and test signal generators, developed automated test solutions and cases in-house and for external customers. Our manual test team knows the business inside and out.

How we test Smart TV apps

Testing SmartTV apps requires access to a comprehensive device zoo. Our e-zoo includes over 200 devices, enabling manual and automated testing for app developers.

Our Test E-Zoo currently includes

  • Samsung Tizen, 2.3 (2015) to – 7.0 (2023)
  • LG WebOS2 (2015) to WebOS23 (2023)
  • AndroidTV: Since Android 7 (2015) until Android 12 and GoogleTV 12
  • Hisense: VIDAA (several models from 2020->)
  • Amazon: FireOS (TV and Stick) 
  • And more: HbbTV, Vestel, operator STB (Arris, Netgem, Sagemcom, etc.)
  • Older Samsung and LG TVs with Orsay, Netcast and Simplesmart platforms are also available

Testing Smart TVs is a challenge

Many claim to offer this service, but only a few truly excel at it. We do. We have over 20 years of experience in the field of testing. 
Your application might function seamlessly for 500,000 users, but what if it completely fails for just 500? Those 500 users could significantly impact the reputation of your app. Partner with us to ensure those 500 users have a flawless experience. Regardless of the size of your testing project, we’re here to assist. Whether it’s a large-scale or a small-scale project.
You can contact us directly:
Juha Joki – director of broadcast and testing services
Lasse Soininen – remote and automation testing manager

We will get back to you fast – that is a promise.

Technical info​

  • Our main automation platform is
  • TestRail is used as the repository for some manual test cases
  • TestRail is also used for automated test reporting
  • Our internal toolbox allows for detailed debugging and logging
    • Including DRM call debugging
    • DRM and DASH manipulation possible using DRM Proxies and DASH manipulator

Optimized for each platform

Test coverage has been optimized to each platform, especially for video playback

  • (Native) HTML5 player
  • WebOS native player
  • Tizen AVplay
  • Android Exoplayer
  • OIPF player
  • Shakaplayer
  • HLS.js
  • Dash.js

We also have experience in building apps with all of these

Unified testing targets

  • Quality keeps customers happy
  • Functionality brings confidence in bringing new features to the application
  • Performance makes sure also users of low-end devices remain happy
  • Compatibility ensures widest reach possible with your applications
  • Compliance with manufacturer and regulatory requirements
  • Save money by running tests on multiple devices with minimum of effort
  • Have peace of mind with well-defined and maintained testing regime and process
  • Keep brand satisfaction at a high level

Benefits of unified testing result

These benefits of unified testing result in similar business and process benefits as well

  • ReachMore audience with wider device reach
  • Harmonize UI/UXAll devices have same UI and same version
  • Time to marketAll updates will reach users at the same time
  • HTML5 approachMost of updates do not need go thru Appstore submission process
  • Lower cost of development and maintenance

Remote testing

We offer the possibility of connecting to our device inventory remotely, using advanced API or remote control connectivity together with cameras catching everything that happens on the tv screen.


Our e-zoo has over 200 devices ready to be connected on a moment’s notice for testing and app development. You can measure and evaluate your app performance with real hardware, in real time. Aided by the true experts of Sofia Digital.


In this white paper, Sofia Digital’s testing team explains why Smart TV and HbbTV platforms and apps need to be tested, which types of testing are most critical and what’s involved in the testing process.

devices are accessible

  • Virtually all devices are accessible at any given time (not stored in storage), ready to be plugged on in 5 minutes notice.

  • Set of devices is available for remote access and automation tests. Currently 10 of the most common devices are accessible remotely and are used in nightly automation test runs for various projects
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